Bridgend Facility

Why work at Bridgend?

Situated in South Wales, 18-miles (29 km) west of the capital Cardiff, Bridgend sits at a confluence of three rivers, the River Ogmore, the Llynfi River and the Garw River. Named in the 15th Century, Bridgend literally means ‘The main bridge on the River Ogmore’ after a stone bridge was built to connect (permanently) each side of the River. Originally this bridge had four arches but in the 18th century a massive flood washed two of them away. The rest of the bridge still stands and still remains a focal point of the town.

The Industrial Revolution brought prosperity and a good communication system to Bridgend. Although itself outside the rich coal seams, the mining valleys of Ogmore and Llynfi sent their coal down by small railways to meet Brunel’s main line. The present railway station incorporates part of the original building. Just before the outbreak of the Second World War, a huge Royal Ordnance Factory was built and a massive underground armament store dug into the hill of Brackla. Subsequently this was converted into a complex nuclear bunker, but since the end of the Cold War, the communications pylon stands amongst hundreds of fast-growing broadleaf trees – a peaceful home for many species of wildlife.

The Bridgend Facility

With considerable investment in specialist capability, PCI’ s Bridgend location offers both extensive secondary packaging and labelling expertise coupled with unrivalled capability for supporting a considerable range of Cold Chain and Ultra Cold Chain product needs, including the expertise and infrastructure to support preparation, storage and global distribution of cell therapies and Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMP) with cryogenic temperature requirements down to -196ºC. The site also supports bespoke client needs with custom solutions for each developing therapy, partnering with clients to identify the optimal solution for each challenging temperature sensitive application.

Our dedicated experts are highly effective in addressing specific customer challenge, providing clients both industry leading practices and innovative solutions in support of clinical development and global trial supply. PCI’s Bridgend team supports clients with an expert staff of highly skilled associates and extensive industry experience, versed in the needs of today’s clinical trial market.

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