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Clinical Services

Activ-BlisterTM solutions in partnership with CSP Technologies

Advanced Protection for Sensitive Solid Doses

Activ-BlisterTM solutions provides product protection related to controlling humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, reactive impurities and odours. This marketing leading technology was designed to actively control the internal atmosphere of individual blister cavities, without the use of purging, allowing for improved stability and enhanced shelf-life. The innovative process can be applied via heat-staking, without the use of adhesives, with existing blister designs, materials and equipment.

Using silica gel, molecular sieve and other scavenging technology, outfitted blisters can scavenge tailored amounts of moisture, and/or gasses and can be produced in shapes and sizes to accommodate any tablet and capsule size. CSPSM development services and testing offer custom solutions to suit the specific needs of your product.

From proof of concept testing through production validation, our team of experts will work with you to optimize your package design.

Activ-BlisterTM solutions can be incorporated into a wide range of blister packaging formats, including:

  • Push-through blisters
  • Peel/push blisters
  • Cold-form foils
  • High barrier films
  • PVdC-coated or EVOH-laminated films


  • Design flexibility – products packaged in bottles, with canisters or sachets, can use thermoformed blister cards without sacrificing headspace protection
  • Reduced cost – achieve active headspace protection without the added cost associated with gas flush/purging, secondary packaging, or refrigeration
  • Size reduction – Move from cold-form foils to thermoforms for a smaller blister footprint, 40-60% smaller
  • Better performance – Extend shelf life

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