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Brexit Announcements

The UK Parliament voted on 15th January 2019 rejecting the EU/UK Brexit deal and therefore, a number of unknown variables regarding the current Brexit situation remain.

As the position of Brexit evolves over the coming days and weeks, PCI expects to gain additional clarity and will be advising of any implications to supply chains. PCI Pharma Services has a robust plan to ensure the continuity of EU supply chains; Including the acquisition of an EU facility (Millmount Healthcare), located near Dublin, Ireland with the construction of a Clinical

Storage & Distribution facility and a full analytical release testing laboratory allowing method transfer for release of Commercial products. Irrespective of the outcome, PCI Pharma Services is committed to ensuring that the security of supply chains and management will be maintained via our UK sites and our EU facility.

Salim Haffar, CEO & President

Please feel free to contact the PCI Brexit team

Please feel free to download and view our Brexit updates and factsheets

Update: 22nd January 2019

The UK Government Cabinet and European Leaders have formally agreed the plan for the departure of the UK from the European Union. However until the plan is agreed by members of the UK Parliament (scheduled around 12th December), there still remains uncertainty over the future of the relationship between the UK and Europe post 29th March 2019
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Update: CPhI October 2018

PCI Services is currently planning for a hard Brexit meaning that should the UK government trade negotiations not result in any agreement and the UK is entirely outside the European framework following the 29th March 2019 date, it is anticipated that materials QP released within the UK will not be recognized by the European Union
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Factsheet: Clinical Services

View the PCI Clinical Services Brexit Regulatory Risk Mitigation for EU Clinical Trial Applications
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Factsheet: Commercial Activities

View the PCI Pharma Services Brexit Regulatory Risk Mitigation for EU Commercial Activities
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