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PCI Webinar: Brexit – Separating Fact from Fiction

PCI Clinical Services and our Guests discuss Brexit and its impact on Clinical Trials in the EU and UK

It is very hard for anybody not intimately involved with the European Union, the workings of the UK economy and the healthcare sector, to clearly understand the true facts, or indeed the advantages and disadvantages, of Brexit. One fact is clear, Brexit is happening in March 2019 and the UK will leave the European Union.

So what does Brexit mean for the pharmaceutical sector? As various bodies initiate debate and argument, leading to uncertainty, assumptions and surmising, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction and understand the likely implications that Brexit will have on this sector.

With European Commission directives and cross-border collaborations currently in place, it is perceived that clinical supply chains will experience future challenges in terms of compliance with new rules and regulations that will be enforced post March 2019.

With the degree of ‘Brexit uncertainty’ appearing to be increasing, what is fact and what is fiction and what will be the impact on the pharmaceutical sector?

Join PCI Clinical Services and its guests for this panel-based webinar which will look to discuss the facts around Brexit. Current levels of uncertainty within post-Brexit clinical trial supply chains is leading to client, sponsor and patient concerns. In an attempt to address these fears, our speakers will also outline our risk mitigation strategy to ensure continuity of our clients’ supply chains and to allow patients to continue to access safe and effective medicines.

For more information, or to register, please visit the Xtalks website

Date & Time

23 Oct 2017 - 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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