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Free Webinar on Serialization

Best Practices for Global Commercial Supply in an Evolving Market

Best Practices for Global Commercial Supply in an Evolving Market is the theme of the next free, specialist webinar from PCI Pharma Services on Thursday, February 9, 10am EDT / 3pm GMT.

Hosted by European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer magazine, the webinar will enable professionals working in the field of Serialization to understand established and developing Serialization regulations that vary from country-to-country. The presentation will be delivered by Ian Parsonage, Senior Director, Global Serialization at PCI Pharma Services and will offer an insight into meeting country-specific requirements based on his extensive experience in supplying commercial Serialized medicines to specific global markets.

Commenting on the theme of his presentation, Parsonage said: “Serialization requirements are rapidly progressing and evolving in countries around the world. Evidence has shown drug counterfeiting is on the rise and significant regulatory deadlines are approaching fast. The pharmaceutical supply chain is at a critical point to ensure patient safety.

PCI has supplied commercial Serialization for a number of years, and during the webinar I will be sharing my experiences in developing PCI’s Serialization technology platform along with developing and executing PCI’s strategy for supplying commercial Serialized products to domestic and emerging markets across the globe in support of our global clients.

PCI’s free learning event will enable participants to understand:

  • The complexities of supplying commercial Serialized products to domestic and emerging markets across the globe.
  • The requirements for the fast approaching regulatory deadlines in various countries.
  • The key considerations when choosing an outsourcing partner for implementing a successful Serialization strategy.

In leading PCI’s Serialization strategy and implementation Parsonage features a versatile and extensive background. Having joined PCI Pharma Services over 7 years ago, Parsonage has helped lead the organization in various IT and supply chain roles in both Europe and North America. Parsonage features over 25 years’ experience in the industry. In his current capacity Parsonage works directly with pharmaceutical and biotech clients to implement their Serialization and anti-counterfeiting strategies for global supply…

For more information and to register for the serialization webinar, please click here:

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