Virtual Site Audits Should Be the New Standard

ARTICLE: COVID-19 presented some unique challenges as we, like so many others, had to adjust to doing business in a virtual/digital world because of the new normal.

Pharmaceutical supply chain adjustments to outlast COVID-19

Article: During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us adjusted to the new “normal.” At PCI Pharma Services, we were already in the process of a digital transformation, and the COVID-19 crisis served as an opportunity to accelerate what we had started

Packaging of Solid Oral Dosage Forms – Extending the Shelf-Life with Activ-Blister Solutions

WEBINAR: Bottles have long been the pharmaceutical industry’s solution to controlling the moisture and oxygen exposure that can cause stability issues with tablets and capsules.

Water Cooler Chat Session: Optimizing IRT for Clinical Supply Management | Recorded September 2, 2020

AUDIO: IRT systems can be a double-edged sword. Set up properly, it can make your clinical supply strategy a breeze to execute. Set up improperly, it can apply additional pressure and stress to a sponsor’s resupply execution.

Packaging Design Services

VIDEO: Our design team provides a comprehensive array of services for the design, development and commercialization of tailored solutions for each challenge and application.

Water Cooler Chat Session: Label Text Requirements & Label Strategy | Recorded August 20, 2020

AUDIO: Having multiple clinical sites in more than two countries does not always require booklet labels.

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