Virtual Site Audits Should Be the New Standard

ARTICLE: COVID-19 presented some unique challenges as we, like so many others, had to adjust to doing business in a virtual/digital world because of the new normal.

Pharmaceutical supply chain adjustments to outlast COVID-19

Article: During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us adjusted to the new “normal.” At PCI Pharma Services, we were already in the process of a digital transformation, and the COVID-19 crisis served as an opportunity to accelerate what we had started

The Power of Digital Transformation

The pharmaceutical contract services supply chain is not traditionally a sector where technology is a first mover. Approximately 18 months ago, however, PCI Pharma Services determined that there were sufficient proof points in the industry indicating

PCI Pharma Services Digital Transformation Journey

Interface Magazine talks to PCI Pharma Services on its strategic digital transformation journey, sharing how they are creating industry-leading customer experiences and an efficient and collaborative Pharma supply chain organization.

PCI’S Justin Schroeder Discusses Serialization Protecting The Supply Chain

In the world of human health, the increased call for establishing a clear and traceable pedigree for pharmaceutical supply chain had driven the US government to take up legislation. Hotly debated by the California Board...

Got it Bottled: Implementing Integrated Operations for High Speed Bottling Serialisation

Relatively cheap and logistically effective, bottles have steadily become the standard for drug delivery. Bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and the economics of bottles make them attractive for delivering a month or three months’ worth o

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