Water Cooler Chat Session: Running Clinical Trials in Israel & Growing Beyond | Recorded October 28, 2020

AUDIO: Commencing phase I trials in Israel can be started with short notice, as no licenses are needed. Phase II and III trials in Israel and globally require more planning and a longer timeline.

Choosing the Right CDMO for HPAPI Development, Manufacturing & Packaging

VIDEO: Identifying a partner with the relevant capabilities, expertise and experience to collaborate through this journey is a critical decision point for any company looking to outsource

Water Cooler Chat Session: Handling IMP Returns & Destruction | Recorded October 15, 2020

AUDIO: With Direct-to-patient (DTP) protocols on the rise due to COVID, many sponsors are having to reconsider their returns & destruction strategy.

Water Cooler Chat Session: Clinical Supply Distribution Strategy – Planning & Adapting | Recorded September 30, 2020

VIDEO: A clinical distribution plan must be solid enough to begin planning activities, and flexible enough to adapt to inevitable changes

Water Cooler Chat Session: What to Consider During Early Planning for Clinical Trials | Recorded September 17, 2020

VIDEO: Planning clinical trials requires an analysis of different possible scenarios and an objective assessment of clinical supply needs

Virtual Site Audits Should Be the New Standard

ARTICLE: COVID-19 presented some unique challenges as we, like so many others, had to adjust to doing business in a virtual/digital world because of the new normal.

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