Importing Clinical Supplies into China

WHITEPAPER: China’s sizeable population makes it an alluring market for pharmaceutical markets. There are many aspects that make it an attractive location to run clinical trials, as well as some challenges that we will explore in this article

Water Cooler Chat Session: Forecasting & Clinical Kit Design Considerations for Clinical Trials | Recorded August 12, 2020

VIDEO: Estimating how, when and where patient enrolment will occur for a clinical trial is no easy task, making a good forecast extremely important for the success of the trial

Water Cooler Chat Session: Drug & Device Combo Considerations for Clinical Trials | Recorded August 6, 2020

AUDIO: Supplying clinical trials with drug & device combinations such as inhalers or auto-injectors adds a level of complexity...

The Power of Digital Transformation

The pharmaceutical contract services supply chain is not traditionally a sector where technology is a first mover. Approximately 18 months ago, however, PCI Pharma Services determined that there were sufficient proof points in the industry indicating

PCI Pharma Services Digital Transformation Journey

Interface Magazine talks to PCI Pharma Services on its strategic digital transformation journey, sharing how they are creating industry-leading customer experiences and an efficient and collaborative Pharma supply chain organization.

Water Cooler Chat Session: IMP Supply Chain for QP Release | Recorded July 30, 2020

AUDIO: With an ever growing market in Europe for both clinical trials and commercial product launches, QP release and its process always need to be planned for at the very beginning of the supply chain

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