Got it Bottled: Implementing Integrated Operations for High Speed Bottling Serialisation

Our article, Got it Bottoled: mplementing integrated operations for high speed bottling serialisation was featured in and is courtesy of European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (EPM)

Relatively cheap and logistically effective, bottles have steadily become the standard for drug delivery. Bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and the economics of bottles make them attractive for delivering a month or three months’ worth of medication cost effectively. Companies tasked with packaging opt for high speed – high volume bottling lines that are predicated on efficiency. That efficiency is what makes the prospect of integrating product serialisation such a daunting task for most drug companies.

With speeds reaching multiple hundreds of bottles per minute, a typical bottling line is the integration of many parts, each providing vital services to the overall delivery and each a lynchpin for the overall line efficiency. Bottles may be packed in trays, cartons, or bundled into groups by a shrink-wrapping prior to placement into shippers prior to palletisation. Adding supplemental stations for bottling serialisation creates reasonable concerns for companies trying to achieve every percentage point of OEE.

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