Russ Stevens Discusses PCI Operations In Healthcare Packaging Article

PCI uses technology to gain competitive edge

Article courtesy of Healthcare Packaging magazine, print edition Oct 2014

“…As an example of how PCI integrates new systems and technologies into its operations, Stevens points to the search for improved sanitary doors for the cleanrooms at its Rockford, IL, site, which includes 1 million sq ft at nine facilities. Because some rooms require a higher level of isolation and containment than others, PCI needed doors that would isolate air infiltration, minimize potential contamination, and ensure compliance with safety requirements. The search ended at PACK EXPO 2010, where the company found ASI Technologies, Inc.’s 415 Iso-Roll high-speed CleanSeal doors.

After a demonstration of the company’s doors, PCI executives were confident that they had found the right technology to meet their needs. Compliant with cGMP, FDA, and European Medicines Agency (EMEA) safety standards, ASI’s doors provide the right barrier between PCI’s packaging suites, enhancing efficiency and preventing cross-contamination and maintenance issues.

With no special training or mechanical knowledge required to operate the doors, PCI had a seamless transition to the new technology and easy day-to-day traffic flow between the packaging suites.

The doors feature stainless-steel components for easy cleaning, and a safe and soft bottom edge that flexes harmlessly if a worker bumps the door while passing through. Also, the doors’ breakaway capabilities allow them to automatically reset to keep traffic flowing and increase productivity. The standard photoeye feature and motion sensor in the side frames automatically reverse when door comes down, allowing for the easy passage of workers carrying delicate materials…”


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