Water Cooler Chat Session: EU Information Required – Clinical Materials Valuation & HTS Coding for Clinical Materials| Recorded July 09, 2020

Clinical material imports into the EU are taxed differently depending on the EU country’s regulations. Trial sponsors looking to import clinical materials into the EU need to declare accurate clinical material valuations (CMV) to avoid fixed penalties, the destruction of material, and shipment delays. 

In this water cooler chat, Gavin Morgan, PCI’s Senior Manager of Global Logistics will give a brief overview of the six methods used to calculate clinical material valuation. He will also focus on the impact of using these valuations and HTCs in the EU and the UK including:

  • VAT implications in the EU and the UK
  • The delays, material destruction, and fixed penalty notices that can result from inaccurate CMVs
  • What CMV information is shared across the EU and the UK.

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